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AL ALWAED, we believe that the people you choose and attract today will either contribute to your organization’s future development and success or corrode the foundations on which your firm has been founded.The most effective strategy to avoid costly employee turnover is to work with a recruiting partner and programme that guarantees that new individuals suit your company and that what the company has to offer matches the people recruited. It pays to engage professionals who will acquire you the appropriate individuals for the right work since it involves particular insight, expertise, and experience to hook the greatest resources. We provide Staffing Agency Recruiter responsibilities include placing job ads in various online channels, evaluating applications and providing shortlists of qualified candidates based on established criteria. Ultimately, you will help our clients reduce time to hire by providing high-quality candidates in a timely manner. We are extremely knowledgeable and can provide our clients with specialized information to assist them in establishing a documented, systematic hiring process that ensures you hire the best possible staff and that you have all of the necessary information and components in place to attract, retain, and develop a superior workforce.


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We aspire to be the chosen business partner for both our clients and applicants, as well as to be regarded as a company of distinction focused on the development of long-term relationships and the continual provision of high-quality, customized, professional, and value- added services.


To be the industry leader in terms of quality and revenue in matching demand for and supply of jobs. As businesspeople, we will continue to hone our talents in order to differentiate and add value to our corporation. We will make every client interaction a one-of-a-kind, value-added experience. As a company, we will strengthen our position as the most innovative, forward-thinking, and value-added authority in HR solutions.


Quality, ethics, timeliness, adaptability, and secrecy are all important considerations.

From a single recruit to a large group hire, customized options are available.

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Alwaed, the most sorted after Manpower Companies in Qatar have the required expertise and knowledge in hiring the most appropriate employees for all levels of management. With us you can expect

We maintain professionalism in our entire process. For doing so we offer dependable communication process, reliability, qualified team, adequate technology, well equipped infrastructure, extensive database, comprehensive methods and so on. Once we take up a commitment we do all that is required for effective implementation. Having many years of experience in manpower consultancy in Qatar we can proudly claim that our recruitment system offers integrity and expertness. Alwaed manpower consultancy in Qatar follows a strict ethical practice. We never show partiality to any applicants. We keep the interest of the clients at the forefront. Our main aim is to hire skilled workers to the relevant position and for that we follow a standardised pattern. Conflicts of interests are handled efficiently. Our priority is to improvise our operations each day and to face new challenges effortlessly.

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Staffing is the process of locating and hiring the suitable individual with the necessary skills or experience to fill a job position or function. In management, staffing is the process of hiring people and assessing their abilities and expertise before assigning them to particular job responsibilities.

Receiving and Reviewing applications

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Faculty Search committees will collaborate to assess which candidates fit the position’s requirements. The Search Chair will direct the committee to revise the published job requirements in order to speed up the screening process.

The screening criteria are used to select which candidates will be interviewed. These screenings should be based on the position’s minimal requirements and preferred criteria.

Every search must contain a documented screening instrument that is utilised by all committee members to guarantee that everyone is evaluating each applicant using the same criteria. Candidates should be completely objective throughout the first screening process. Committees should use different techniques at each stage of the process, with an increasingly smaller group at each stage (all applicants’ written materials are screened; however, only a small number of candidates may be offered a phone or Skype interview, and an even smaller number will be asked to present a work sample and/or invited to campus.) A screening tool to analyse qualifications against pre-established needed and desirable qualifications ensures a solid judgement and fairness.

All candidates in each level of the process must be handled equally; for example, if phone interviews are used, all must get phone interviews. The applicants are then chosen for further assessment.

Managing interviews and Tests

Aside from the interview, we may look at a number of additional factors that may indicate job success. If any test is to be used as a criterion for gauging a candidate, this should be stated to each interviewer, and criteria based on particular test results and expectations should be set before interviewing and testing begins. Following a successful interview, a number of exams may be administered. These employment exams might compare a person’s KSAOs against those of another candidate. The following are the primary types of tests: Cognitive ability tests, personality tests, physical ability tests, and job knowledge exams are all available.

Creating a shortlist of candidates for the client

Shortlisting is the process of finding candidates who satisfy the requirements mentioned in the job posting. They are the applicants with whom you wish to proceed in the recruiting process, most likely through an initial interview or by going on to the next step of the recruitment funnel. The shortlisting procedure makes narrowing down your candidate pool less daunting. It also establishes parameters for you and your talent acquisition team to consider when evaluating who the best candidates to speak with are. Your shortlist might also assist you determine how close you are to reaching out to your preferred candidates. If you’re having trouble finding candidates that satisfy your shortlist criteria, it might be a sign that you’re not promoting your job advertisements in the correct places––or that your expectations for the position you’re attempting to fill are too high. Here’s how to create a shortlisting process to ensure you’re interviewing the correct people. The first step is to define your criteria. and then choose a maximum number for your shortlist. Try screening applicants blindly. Candidates that do not meet the parameters you are looking for should be eliminated. Candidates should be screened in, not out.

Requesting references and checking the suitability of applicants

Reference checking is an objective assessment of an applicant’s previous job performance based on information gathered from significant persons who have known and worked with the candidate. Job candidates may try to improve their chances of getting a job offer by lying about their education and employment experience. While résumés outline what candidates claim to have done, reference checking is intended to determine how effectively those statements are supported by others. Verifying essential employment information can help to reduce selection mistakes greatly. Former peers, direct reports, and supervisors’ feedback can also be utilised to anticipate how candidates would perform in the role being filled. Reference checking has been shown to be a useful predictor of job performance. requesting references and checking the suitability of applicants before submitting their details to the client.

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