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Alwaed the number one Job Recruitment Agencies in Qatar follows a well designed recruitment process. We give equal importance to each recruitment activity. There is no differentiation in any of the process and no personal interests influence is entertained in Alwaed. Our clients are our strength and we give them the best quality service. Our main objective is to take forward our service as the Top Recruitment Agencies in Qatar with complete faithfulness. Being the finest Job Recruitment Agencies in Qatar we strive to meet this objective through our well structured operations. We have set our goals to be SMART






Our Objectives and Goals

Just like the market scenario changes, we too constantly improvise on our goals and objective. Our objectives and goals are:

Finding the right person for your company is our priority. We understand how hard hiring can be especially if you don’t know the market. So, let us handle them for you. Alwaed Manpower is one of the top recruitment agencies in Qatar that can help you in attracting the top and right talent. Be it on contract, temporary or permanent staff, we provide you with hassle-free solutions.

Why choose us?

Here are some of the reasons why we are still the best job recruitment agencies in Qatar.

A general overview of the recruitment process followed in Alwaed.

Invitation of applications

As per the requirement we sent out invitations for the job through various medium. Our job announcements are given in diverse careers sites, print media, social media and industry publications. We also make use of talent pool databases and referrals in our hiring process. Both online and offline methods are utilized for the purpose.

Reviewing of applications

As one among the top recruitment agencies in Qatar, our expert team along with the assistance of the software review each and every application received. They are sorted out and examined whether they qualify for the position or not.

Screening of applications

Applications are thoroughly screened as per the set standards. The parameters are checked and verified according to the requirement and necessity. Initial interview which is short and precise over phone or through online mode is also conducted in this stage. Top applicants are identified, filtered and then shortlisted.

Interview process which involves different stages

The candidates shortlisted through screening are called for the attending the written test. The tests are either conducted online or offline as per the job demand. Applicants qualifying for the interview are then asked to attend direct preliminary interview. Applicants who are selected after the preliminary interview have to go through two or more interviews varying according to each job skill. These interviews are conducted by professional team who have great insights into each job activity.

Selection and background check

The final selection is done based on the results of interview process and accompanying factors. Background and reference check of each selected candidates is done vigilantly. Being one among the most trusted job recruitment agencies in Qatar, we do not hire applicants who display even minor verification discrepancies.

Hiring the appropriate candidate

The final process is the official hiring of the candidates for the job. The hired employees are directed to the clientele. Both the clients and the candidate are given proper guidance at the time of joining. They can also contact Alwaed, the top recruitment agencies in Qatar for further support and help if required even after the hiring process is completed.

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