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Alwaed, best Job Consultancy In Qatar provide manpower resources to numerous types of industries. All the activities involved in recruitment from receiving application to hiring candidates are undertaken by us. We provide permanent as well as contract based employees. Skilled workers which the organisations and all the other clients require are provided by us. Being the best job consultancy in Qatar, we take away the long and burdensome process of recruitment of appropriate workers. You can trust Alwaed, Qatar manpower agency to provide you with the finest employees with high efficiency. Sudden turnover of employees are also met by us proficiently. The gap which any anyone faces in human resource can be filled by us instantly. All the background checks of candidates are done by us properly. Hence everyone can keep complete confidence in us. For an effective selection we follow a systematic and structured process. We never compromise on any the set rules and framework of the process and strictly adhere to the set standards and procedures. We select applicants on the basis of qualifications, knowledge, experience and skill and competency. Our aim is to put the right human resource on the right job, thereby reducing employee turnover and absenteeism and saving time and money. Alwaed, the finest job agencies in Qatar use constructive processes in hiring the workers and this has turned us into the best job consultancy in Qatar. Clients can contact Alwaed, Qatar manpower agency and job consultancy in Qatar with complete trustworthiness. Ranked among the top job agencies in Qatar we guarantee that we will meet your entire requirement regarding job consultancy in Qatar.

At each stage of recruitment applicants are shortlisted and selected until the final applicants are fixed and hired. We select the best candidates for you after checking;

placement consultants in Qatar – Maids

Sector category

Identification of the proper sector category is the foremost process in selection. The qualification, experience, skills etc expected from employees change from sector to sector. Suitable employees for the appropriate sector have to be chosen.

The job type

Employees cannot be selected randomly. The type of job has to be examined carefully. The objectives of the job and what is expected out of the job has to be looked into in detail. Alwaed fulfils this efficiently.

Previous experience

Experience of the job seekers has to be analysed as per the requirement of the clients and the type of the job. Certain customers insist on minimum experience therefore on the basis of it suitable applications have to be sorted. Fresh candidates with proven skills are also an asset.

placement consultants in Qatar – Maids


Different positions require different qualification. For a positive outcome and result it is therefore important to hire employees with apt qualification.

References and background check

Since employees are hired from different nationalities, it is vital to conduct proper background check and reference verification. Details like passport, visa, behavioural check etc have to be carried out steadfastly. Having years of experience in job consultancy in Qatar Alwaed has qualified personnel who will look into the background verification of each individual.

Knowledge and skill set

Knowledge and skill set of the job-seekers have to be accessed at various levels. Through proper tests and interviews candidates’ knowledge and skills have to be thoroughly examined.

Vacancies available

Proper recognition about the available vacancy has to be found out to avoid any disparity in the future.

Client Requirement

Communication with the clients regarding the requirement of workers is important to ensure that the right candidate is chosen. It is also equally important to communicate effectively with the applicants aspiring for a job. This has to be done efficiently by job agencies in Qatar.

Recruiting Budget

Budget allocation for the job should be done before the recruitment process to ensure a hassle free and smooth process.

What defines Al Waed

Team Work

Our Success comes through the Teamwork which we have achieved in Al Waed Man Power

Outstanding Support

Extra ordinary support from Alwaed to our clients that gives them maximum satisfaction from our services


We do every business steps through proper channel so no compromise in Professionalism.


Our latest and new Ideas leads our customers reach us and get our service very easy and fast


Alwaed Manpower help the clients in HR works that leads a better business, network and success

Customer Focus

We give first priority to customer, that help us to improve our service and support


We were on the lookout for good applicants to fill up the vacancies which arose in the mid level management. That’s when we came across Alwaed Manpower. We communicated our requirements with them and within a short time they resourced us with the best applicants. We can say with confidence that Alwaed Manpower has kept its promise of providing the best staffing solutions.

John Doe

Thanks to Alwaed Manpower for providing us with excellent service. Reliable and responsive Alwaed have given us the most appropriate candidates towards various positions in our firm. Extremely committed and dedicated Alwaed Manpower has kept its word of providing qualified and skilled talents. I highly recommend them.

Alexa Kolin

Appreciate Alwaed Manpower for their prompt service and satisfactory customer support. We are glad to have chosen them for our staffing requirement. Appointing employees through Alwaed Manpower have helped us in removing the tedious effort of the hiring process. Employee turnover in our company have also minimized considerably. Our company is extremely happy to associate with Alwaed Manpower.

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