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What Should a Resume Look Like in 2022?

The standards of living are improving day by day, with a wide range of high technology works and evolving world. Mankind is getting more competitive every day and even with a spectrum of opportunities, finding the right job is too difficult. The individual beyond the educational qualifications should be privileged with other important skills that will serve the market to grow. When a job seeker approaches any industry, the employer does not know anything about the job seeker, and the resume is the only bridge between them. So, we guess you understand the importance of a structured resume. Alwaed manpower is one of the best to provide job consultancy in Qatar find our clients struggling to get a job even with all the required qualifications. The trouble lies in a poorly organized resume. So today with the best job consultancy in Qatar, you learn the art to craft an appreciable resume.

Components of a good resume in 2022

Good font

An easy-to-read typeface will add value to your resume, as it would not confuse the employer and readily understand what you have to offer for the company. Choose a font that is elegant and formal, which should also be modern or stylish that will serve the 2022 evolution. PS- do not go for Times New Roman. Font size ranging between 10 and 12 pt is considered to be ideal and elegant. Some of our recommendations on font are Cambria, Calibri, Helvetica, and Bookman Old Style and also both serif and sans serif will look great for your resume. The other factor to always keep in mind is to use the same font for both the resume and the cover letter.

Evenly set margins

1-inch margins are the best for any elegant-looking and formal resume. If you are going for a single-page resume and need to fit everything to get fit in it, you can consider reducing the margins, but at least half an inch margin should be available to make it look disciplined

 Consistent line spacing

Each resume section can look good with a single or 1.15 line spacing and you can make it catchy by using a double space before and after each heading and also between entries in your work experience and education sections.

 Clear section headings

The more comprehensible you make the resume for your employer, the more your chances of being identified. Do not make your resume look a mess, with everything under a section. Make your section catchy and ideal. You have a bigger font for the section headings than the rest of the text. Using an ALL CAPS format for the headings can also hit the success button.

Enough white space

Do not pack your content in the resume to make it look like trash. Leave enough white space which will give the employer time to comprehend the contents of your resume. Check to not to feel so cramped and hence, look elegant

Do not make it so fancy with photos or graphics

Keep in mind that, your job interview is a formal meeting, and should be your resume. Including graphics or photos in your resume can fail the ATS scan. So, make sure to keep your resume as precise as possible and add a photo only if the job demands doing so.

Let one page speak for you

Do not keep the resume so long that your employer would not consider reading it completely and you get at risk. An ideal resume is of one page, so make it precise and include the relevant content targeting the specific job requirement.

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